North Indian cuisine

  • Punjabi
  • Maharashtrian
  • Gujrati

North Indian food is often what many people would think of as just Indian food. It’s the North Indian curries that are often found outside of India in Western restaurants (but don’t forget about South Indian food either – it’s equally as delicious, but different).

While rice is the ultimate staple in much of the South portion of India, in the North, while rice is often available, a meal is never complete without bread. Tandoori roti, chapati, naan, and many other types of flat breads are extremely popular and vital for all North Indian meals. Bread is used as the main filler and as a great way to scoop us sauces.

Dal, or lentils, is one of the most essential foods in all of India. North Indian styles of dal curry are normally a little thicker and richer than South Indian variations. It’s not uncommon for someone just to eat dal and bread for a meal.

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