Quality Assurance

Quality is the core essence of all food produces. At SAMRUDDHI CATERERS, we render highest degree of significance towards quality and hygiene while preserving the authentic savour of all foodstuffs. We not only conform to FSSAI guidelines, but also we continuously implement esteem and innovative ideas to attain international standards. Our prime focus is towards the health safety of our consumers and in order to ensure that we have strict additives and preservatives policies which are religiously observed and maintained. Our food samples are routinely and periodically sent for lab test ensuring compliance with food safety guidelines of Food Safety Standard Authority of India. Although we are of GMP stature right at the moment, it is our optimum aspiration to attain ISO certification in the near future.

Our quality control program includes the following:
  • Good Catering Practice (GCP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Hygiene Practice (GHP), Good Sanitation Practice (GSP)
  • Operational Pre-requisite Program (OPRP)
  • Daily Cleaning Schedule
  • Pest Control Policy
  • Staff Medical Test schedule
  • Lab test schedule for food articles
  • Dress codes for staff
  • Waste disposal and ecological conservation policy
  • Scheduled staff briefing on quality, personal hygiene and food safety
  • Monthly Management Review Meeting on quality assessment